Booty Building and Deadlifts


Deadlifts is often called the king of all exercises because it is one of our most basic movement patterns, lifting things up from the floor and putting them back down again. It trains the whole backside of the body during every lift, everything from the calves up to the trapz gets worked. It simply is one the best exercises around whether you want to build muscle or strength. Sounds pretty good right?

How to Deadlift?

So with all the positives of the deadlift comes some caution, it is extremely important to have good form or it can be an injury waiting to happen. If you go to social media you will see people doing deadlifts and their backs look like the letter C. This is bad as it puts strain on the back and is a high risk of back injury. Follow the steps below for the perfect setup and lift to get all the benefits of the deadlift.


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The Hip Hinge

The key to a perfect hip hinge is to sit back, not down. This is what separates the deadlift from the squat. This means that your booty should move backwards to get you into lifting position. You should feel that you are bending at the hips with less knee bend.

The Stance

Have your feet approximately shoulder width apart. Deadlift is performed the best with shoes with flat soles or without shoes.



When gripping the bar there is two different options. We recommend that you use an overhand grip with both hands and increase weight when your grip gets stronger. The other option is the mixed grip where you use one hand overhand and one underhand at the same time. You might be able to lift more weight with this but it also increases the risk of injury as you can make an uneven pull. When gripping the bar use a grip width that is just outside of your feet.

The Lift

When doing the lift you should start with the legs and keep the back still. The bar should travel upwards touching your legs the entire way. When the bar gets above the knees you start hinging forward with your hips until you stand up straight where you should squeeze your booty.

Putting the Weight Back Down

From the top of the lift you start lowering the bar down with a controlled speed. Do it in a speed that you feel that you can get back to the starting position without compromising form, remember that the form is just as important on the way down. Let the bar rest briefly on the floor before doing the next repetition.

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  Putting it all Together to get in the Perfect Setup

  1. Walk to the bar. Place your feet under the bar, so that where you tie your shoes are under the bar.
  2. Grab the bar just outside your feet in width. Bend over putting your booty back without bending your legs. 
  3. Start bending your knees until the bar touch your shins.
  4. Straighten your back by raising you chest.
  5. Start lifting

How to Program Deadlift in your Routine

As deadlifts is one of the most demanding lifts it is suited for quite low reps as form tends to break down after doing it for high reps. We recommend doing deadlifts first in your workout as it is the most demanding, 4-8 reps for 3-5 sets for best results. Rather than increasing reps this is an exercise where you should increase the weight as often as you can without compromising form. Perform deadlifts once a week as it is a lift that takes some time to recover from. 

So go to the gym, start deadlifting and take your booty building to the next level with this awesome exercise!   

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