Booty Building from Home

Home workout

So you don’t have time to go the gym, or just want to dip your toes in booty building for the first time and see if it is for you. Then the solution is to build your booty from home with this workout. Below we list the best exercises you can do without any equipment and how to use them to create a workout for building your legs and booty from home.

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Air squats

Sitting and standing back up is one of our most natural movement patterns and a must for building your lower body. Stand with your feet about shoulder width, or a little wider if you want more focus on the booty, and keep your knees pointing a bit outwards. Put your hands in front of you and start the lowering part of the lift bending at the knees. Go as low as you can as long as the knees don’t fall in towards each other or your heel starts lifting, then you have gone too deep. Start the way up feeling your booty work and at the top squeeze it as hard as you can. Go slow and controlled on the way down and explosive on the way up.

home workout

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Stand up and take a big step forward and put the weight on the heel of that leg, the step should be so long that your front knee does not travel further forward than your toes. Lower the knee of your back leg until the knee gently touches the floor and start going up the same way to the starting position and repeat with the other leg.

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Put your upper back against a sofa or something in similar height so the edge is just under your rear delts. Put your feet just wider than shoulder width and so that when you are in the top position of the lift your shins are completely vertical. Start the lift by hinging your hips up until your upper body is parallel to the floor. At this position you should squeeze your booty as hard as you can for at least 2 seconds before starting lowering back down in a slow and controlled motion.

Donkey kicks

Stand on all fours on the floor and take one leg and lift the sole of your foot up towards the ceiling. Try to lift it up as high as you can and really squeeze the glute at the top. If you can’t do the same amount of reps with both legs you should always start with your weak side.

home workout

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Fire hydrants

Start standing on all fours and lift one leg up to the side as high as you can without your upper body starting to move. It is important to try to keep your back completely straight and avoiding to arch the back to really get the booty working to the max. Focus on starting the movement with the glutes and try to feel it working rather than going to fast repetitions.

If you are an experienced booty builder that just can’t find the time to go to the gym you can do as many sets and reps of this as you feel you need. Less reps but more rounds or just doing everything for as many as you can for one set each. If you are a beginner and want to use it as your staple routine we recommend to start a little easier. Do 3 sets of 20 reps of every exercise and try to increase one rep every time you do the routine. You can do them as a circuit with one set of each exercise and do three rounds or just do the three sets for each exercise in order. Do the routine three times a week but never two days in a row.

Try this routine and grow your booty to new heights with a home workout!

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