Explosive Booty Building with Box Jumps

Explosive booty building with box jumps girl

So you want a booty that performs as well as it looks? Look no further as explosive box jumps is the answer. They can help build muscle and strength in your booty and legs and increase your explosive power. It is a total boss move! Below we have listed 4 uses, 5 variations of the exercise, how to do them properly and how to program them.

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1. Warm up

Box jumps are a great way to warm up on you lower body days. Research has shown that doing a plyometric exercise as warm up might increase you strength during the session. You can use box jumps as warm up on lower body days. When used for warm up they should obviously be done first in the session. Do them for 5 to 7 sets of just 3 reps. The reason for doing so few reps are that in this case they are used to turn on your nervous system for explosive power which will help when you start lifting weights.

2. Speed/Plyometrics day

If you are an athlete competing in an explosive sport box jumps are a great tool for increasing explosiveness. In this case the you should use them a little different. Place them where you want in the session depending on what you want to focus on. For increasing speed you should try to jump higher and higher. Try to increase the height on the box as progression of your training. Here you can do a bit more reps if you like but around 5 reps are good. Or you can do a pyramid, start with 5 reps on a low box, increase the weight and do 4, increase do 3 etc until you come to your max jump.

3. Superset

Combining the jumps with another related weighted exercise is a great way to get the best of both worlds. For example do 5 reps of a barbell squat, rack the weight and go straight in to 5 box jumps. This builds both a lot of strength and explosiveness. This is a great trick to try if your squat gains have started to stall or slow down.

4. Sets and reps for muscle building

If you want a great finisher for your lower body session, don’t have a bar to squat with or have no time to get to the gym. Find something to jump up on and start box jumping. Do as many as you can. 3 to 5 sets should be enough if you go hard. Here you can vary the height of the box you jump up on and just go for reps.

Now you know how to use them, look below to learn 5 great variations you can try.

explosive box jumps

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1. Standard Box jumps

Stand with your feet just outside shoulder width with your hands by your side. Squat down to around 90 degrees and with maximum force jump up on the box. Important is to land in a ¼ squat so your knees lands softly. Jump down from the box once again landing in a ¼ squat, stand back up in the starting position. Repeat for the desired amount of reps. This explosive box jumps variation can be used for all goals listed above.   

2. Single leg box jumps

Stand tall on one leg. Squat down as deep as you feel comfortable with and jump up on the box landing on both feet. If you need you can swing your hands to gain momentum. Jump or go down from the box and repeat with the other leg. This one is suited for lower reps as it is very demanding both physically and balance wise. So skip this one if you want to do a lot of sets and reps.

3. One step box jump

Stand a bit further away from the box. Take one step forward into the jump. Then perform the jump just like normal box jump. This gives you a little momentum going in to the jump which should make you jump higher. It is a great way to increase sports performance or if you are stuck in increasing the height of the box you use this can be a way to break that plateau. Do this on Speed/plyometrics day or as warm up.  

4. Rotation box jump

This one is a little different as you start with your back pointing towards the box. Squat down to about a quarter squat and jump while rotating in the air landing as a normal box jump on the box in a ¼ squat. Rotate your upper body to gain momentum to make the turn in the air. This variation is great if you play a sport where you need to make fast turns or if you need to create rotational power for example punching power or a faster golf swing. You can use this variation for everything, but we still think other alternatives is better for warm up.  

5. Weighted box jump

It is like it sounds. Do a normal box jump with extra weight in the form of a weight vest, dumbbells or anything else you can think of. But beware, extra weight takes away jumping height so if you try this, do it with a very low box or on the floor first. For this variation it is extremely important to master technique as this one has a bit more injury risk. But with that risk comes a lot of power. You can use this for everything except warm up as you really need to warm up before jumping with weight.

Put the box jump variation for your goals in your booty building routine and take your lower body to the next level! 

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