Gaining Weight

Gaining weight

Most articles concerning weight you see on the internet is about how to loose it, and it is for a good reason as a little over 60 percent of the american population are overweight. But on the other end of the spectrum there are people who have trouble maintaing or gaining weight. So this article is dedicated to you!

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Reasons to gain weight

For health

The scale most used for calculating if you are in the right weight range for your height is BMI. It takes both your height and weight and calculates a number were below 18,5 is considered underweight, wich is a good indicator that you need to gain a little weight. Overweight starts at 25 but that is not really accurate as it does not take muscle mass into account so it is only reliable if you do not work out.

Being underweight can have implications for your health such as a lowered immune system wich will make you more sucepptible to getting sick and infections, increase the risk of lower bone density wich increases the risk of injuries and in some cases it can cause problems in fertility.

Energy levels

If you feel tired all the time it might be time to look over your diet and caloric intake. If you are in a constant state of a negative caloric intake your body wont have enough energy to work at its maximum capacity and might impair both your physical and mental performance. Remeber to get your calories from good sources, but more on that later.

To build muscle

Building muscle takes alot of energy and you need to eat atleast and maintenance. For optimal muscle growth you should even eat a little more than you need so the body always has energy to both workout and recover after you work out.

Reasons people get underweight

Most often it is due to high metabolism or not having the proper eating habits, but if it happens very fast and sudden it can also be because of illness and then you should visit a doctor to get a professional opinion. Below we have listed a few medical reasons that are very important a doctor get to look at.

Hyperactive Thyroid

A hyperactive thyroid produces an excess amout of the hormone thyrokine wich can cause a very sudden and dramatic weightloss.

Celiac Disease

This is a extreme form of Gluten intolerance wich causes damage to the small intestine when gluten is consumed. This may cause unwanted weight loss.


Diabetes if not controlled can cause weight loss is is very important to have under controll for multiple health reasons.    

gaining weight

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How to gain weight

On paper it sounds very easy, you need to eat more calories than you consume, but there are more to it and for people with high metabolism it is important to eat the right foods and train the right way to get the results they want.

Eating habits

Make sure to eat atleast three big meals every day. All three meals should include a high amount of carbs, fats and protein. A good breakfast could be two cups of oatmeal and a banana. For lunch and dinner make shure to include rice, pasta or potatoes for carbohydrates, a protein source like fish, chicken or meat. Cook it in olive oil to get good fats in. Put som green veggies in there for general health reasons but focus on the carbs and protein for maximize caloric intake. When you have your three big meals down, incorporate a snack or two during the day. Bananas, almond nuts, protein bars or shakes atleast one time during the day were it is the longest period between meals. Also try to add a little extra to your portions. We know that can be hard and it is not fun to eat more when your full, but add a little extra and do it for a week and you will be used to it and that will be your new normal.

Working out

As you already have a high metabolism we want to do the least amount of work to get the most amount of results. That means minimizing cardio, so dont do cardio more than once a week just for health reasons. Instead go for heavy weights for low reps in the gym and focus on adding weight to the bar wich will in turn add weight in the form of muscle to you. Focus on the squat, deadlift, hipthrust, overhead press and lat pulldowns. Go for about 4 sets of no more than 10 reps and increase the weight when you can instead. Do two lifting sessions per week.


For gaining weight there are supplements called weight gainers. These are high in protein and carbs wich is exactly what you need. But focus on your regular meals first! Supplements are called supplements because they are an extra addition to your diet and not somthing to rely completely on. So if diet is not enough find a weight gainer you like the taste of and start adding one right after workout to begin with, if that is not enough add one each day.

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Tips and trix

1.    Drink milk instead of water to your meals. As milk are rich both in calories and protein it is a great addition to your diet. It is also great for bonehealth as a nice bonus.

2.    Dont drink too much coffee or energy drinks. Caffeine and stimulants like it is apetite supressing so either cut it down a little or drink your drinks containing caffeine after your meals.

3.    Use bigger plates for your food. Studies have been done that have shown that a little plate psycologicaly makes you eat smaller portions as the portion looks bigger. So use a bigger plate and eat more without knowing it.

4.    Try to get atleast 8 hours of sleep every night as sleeping less impacts your whole life, everything from food choises to how well you recover from workouts.

5.    Dont be afraid to eat in the evenings. People often talk about how you should not eat after 6 o clock.but for gaining weight get food in when you can.

6.    Remember that it takes time and that it should take time! As long as you make progress week over week, month over month you are doing a great job!

So if you want to gain weight then look over your diet, training and use the tips and trix to see your body change the way you want it to!  

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