Adriana Lima Workout

Adriana Lima workout

She have a huge social media following, looks like an athlete and have walked the runway at the Victoria Secret fashion show 18 times. We are of course talking about Adriana Lima! The Brazilian model and actress in renowned for bringing her fit physique to the runway. In this article we will look at how Adriana keeps fit all year around, how she eats and how she physically prepares to walk the famous runway. Here is the Adriana Lima workout and diet plan.

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Adriana works out alot and her routine consists of boxing, cardio and something called dogpound workouts. She told Elle in a interview that she uses music to pump her up walking in to the gym, and that Till I collapse with rapper Eminem always gets her going to be able to push herself during her workouts.

1. Boxing

Adriana is a boxing fan and have adopted the sport into her training. Her biggest idol is a professional boxer from the Philippines named Manny Pacquiao. She boxes all year around to stay fit with her trainer Michael Olajide Jr, a former middleweight boxing champion. The workout starts out with some light core exercises listed below to activate the core and get ready:

·         Obstims

Stand with your feet at shoulder width. Swing one arm up over your head while the other arm swings down behind your back. Start slowly and pick up the pace the longer you go to increase the intensity of the exercise. Adriana does 2 minutes.

·          Aerotwists

Stand with your feet just outside shoulder width with slightly bent knees. Make your hands to fists and out your knuckles together with your arms at shoulder height parallel to the floor. Tense your abs and legs, and start rotating slowly from side to side. Increase speed as you go. Adriana does this for 2 minutes.

·         Punching in pyramid stance

Stand with feet at about shoulder width and your hands just below your chin. Start punching straight out a shoulder height while rotating your hands inwards. Punch with one arm at the time. The key here is speed, don’t punch hard, punch fast. Remember to bring your hands back with as much speed as you can. This is also done for 2 minutes.

·         Aerosquat

Start balancing on one leg, bring your hands down to the floor by bending your leg. While keeping hands at the floor during the whole exercise straighten your leg and then bend it to go back down. Ariana does this for 30 seconds on each leg 3 times without rest in between sets.

This is the warm up Ariana does and then it is on to more real boxing exercises and she does everything from hitting the pads and heavy bag to working on her footwork!

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2. Cardio

Ariana says she hates doing stationary cardio like exercise bikes and treadmills. She prefers to move around and run outside or do short intense cardio circuits to stay moving. Also her boxing is great for cardio and fat burning.

·         Running

She prefers to run a shorter distance at a higher pace than go for very long runs. Adriana usually runs about 3 miles. She runs about three times per week depending on her schedule.

·         Jumping rope

As boxing is such a big passion of hers, she does alot of rope jumping as that is a way to improve your foot movement during boxing as well as a great cardio and fat burning workout. She praises it because it takes more practice and needs to be done more often to keep good at it, and that you can do it anywhere as long as you have a rope.

·         Barrys Bootcamp

When she wants some variation she sometimes goes to classes and Barry’s Bootcamp is her favorite. It is a 60 minute training system created in 1998 which combines high intensity cardio with bodyweight strength training.   

3. Dogpound workouts

The dogpound is a very exclusive gym for the new york elites. It is frequented by professional athletes, wall street guys, movie stars and victoria secret models. When Adriana is in New York she often visits the gym. The workouts she does here is more muscle building workouts where she focuses more on specific body parts like legs or the booty with heavier lifts like squats, deadlifts and hip thrusts.


Adrian eats very clean, and takes her diet to the extreme. She focuses on eating a lot of vitamin rich green foods and high protein sources. When she is at her florida residence she uses a meal prep company called Perfecting Athletes so she has meals ready for her. Perfecting Athletes is used by many boxers and ufc fighters so it comes as no surprise that Adriana uses it as boxing is her biggest passion. When she is traveling for shoots she has two women named Michelle and Paulina that designs her meal plan after what needs improving and how much she is going to work out. They are also certified in ayurvedic medicine which is a chinese herbal medicine used for centuries.

A typical day of eating

  1. Breakfast: oatmeal
  2. Lunch: Chicken and green veggies
  3. Dinner: A light sallad

With some healthy snacks like nuts thrown in between meals.

Adriana says she stays very strict with her diet but once in a while she have a cheat meal, the go to cheat meal is chocolate cake.

Now you know what Adriana Lima’s has been doing to keep an amazing body to grace the victoria secret runway for nearly two decades. Try some of the stuff she does and take your body to next level! 

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