Blake Lively Workout Routine

Blake Lively workout

Blake Lively is a foto model and actress famous for her roles both the big and small screen. Her most famous role is as Serena van der Woodsen on the TV drama series Gossip firl. But today it is us who are about to gossip, about Blakes workout routine that is! Here is Blake Lively ‘s workout and diet plan.

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Blake Lively Workout

It is no doubt that Blake works out extremely hard in the gym. But her routine is more relatable than you might think. Her trainer Don Saladino has stated that they have a plan that they follow as strict as possible. But when Blakes life comes in the way he changes the intensity of the workout depending on time available and Blakes energy levels. He also stresses that it does not mean you can skip workouts because you’re tired. Just cut them down. If 10 minutes on the treadmill is all that can be done for the day it is way better than nothing as it keeps Blakes metabolism going. Blake works out five to six days per week. Every session starts out the same with flexibility work and activation drills. For the weight work that follows she has spilt different muscle groups on different days.

Blake Lively workout and diet

Warm Up

Blake always start with warming up with foam rolling and mobility drills to get loose to avoid injuries and work on her flexibility. She focuses a little extra on her weaknesses. The mobility work is usually done for 10 to 15 minutes.  

The second part of her workout is activation drills which is both part of her warmup and part of her training. Activation drills are done to get your nervous system firing at maximum capacity to get ready for lifting. She does a circuit including jumping with maximum explosiveness, throwing medicine balls, medicine ball slams and loaded carries. She does 3 to 5 rounds depending on how she feels for the day.

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Weight work

As we wrote above all sessions start with the warm up routine listed above but the rest of her workouts are split into five different sessions.

1. Upper body

The week starts out with upper body and an exact routine she does is not listed as she mixes it up and periodised what she does. But overhead presses, pulldowns, rows and chest presses are all included in different variations.  

2. Lower body

On the lower body days squatting variations, deadlifts, hip thrusts, lunges and different leg machines are included in the exercises she rotates in her schedule.

3. Arm day

Blake goes a bit against the grain from a lot of the other female celebrities we have written articles about and keeps a day specifically for arm training. Curl variations, dips, pushdowns and extension work is done.

Blake Lively workout trainer

4. Interval day

Intervall day includes extra cardio work either by sprinting, cycling or with battle ropes and high rep kettlebell work.

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5. Mobility or accessory work

This day she does differently depending on how the rest of her week has gone. If it has gone good and all workouts have been spot on extra mobility work is done with yoga, stretching or both. If life got in the way one of the days this is the day to catch up and she has time to do some extra work for the muscles that didn’t get enough during the week.

6. Rest day

As she works out 5 to 6 days per week a day dedicated to rest is very important. Blake has realized that it does not matter how hard you work if you are not giving your body time to rest, recover and build it self back up. So at least one day per week is obligatory rest!

Cardio is done at the end of workouts at least 2 times per week using the stairmaster, epileptical or exercise bike for 20 to 30 minutes.

Travel workouts

Like most celebrities Blake lives a hectic life and travels a lot but she always try to keep working out in some way even if a gym is not available and if she is short on time. Some of the substitutes she does are bodyweight workouts, jogging or swimming.

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Blake Lively Workout and diet on beach

Blake Lively Diet

For her diet she has adopted a few things which she always try to follow but it is not as strict as you might think looking at her. The hardest part for Lively was that she choose to cut out all products containing any soy. As it’s in a lot of products, even some that are organic wholefoods. She also cut out gluten completely from her diet and she attributes these two things as the biggest reason for her being able to lose over 60 pounds of weight she added during pregnancy.

Blakes has also adopted the 80/20 rule that is popular among a lot of celebrities. Basically it means that the she looks to be perfect with her diet 80% of the time. The remaining 20% she allows herself to to cheat at little more and eat what she likes.

Now you know what one of the fittest ladies in Hollywood does to keep herself healthy and fit. Take some of what you have learned and apply it to yourself. Use the Blake Lively workout to take your health and body to the next level! 

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