Sofia Vergara Workout and Diet

She is an actress, modell, tv host, producer and is closing in on 50 years of age but still looks as awesome as ever. We are talking about Sofia Vergara. The colombian celebrity has stated that she isn’t a fan of fitness and working out but nonetheless takes it very serious. So she keeps healthy and looking amazing. In this article we will take a look at what she does to keep her body in shape! Here’s the Sofia Vergara workout and diet routine!

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Sofia Vergara Workout

Sofia has the classic hourglass body with a wide lower body, a matching upper body and bust combines with a small waist. To get a physique like that Vergara obviously needs to build muscle in her whole body and keep fat burning up to keep the waist tight. So it comes as no surprise that she mixes things up and do the different kind of workouts listed below:

·       Weight routine

Sofia rotates her workout routine every six months and changes both the set, reps and exercises a bit. But she always does a lot of squatting movements, focuses on hitting her booty with different exercises at least two times per week. Does shoulder presses and lateral raises to accentuate a small waist. So most of what the actress does is big compound lifts to get the most benefits from as few lifts as possible with a few isolation exercises thrown in at the end if something specific needs extra work. How often she lifts weight depends on how her week looks and how busy her schedule is.

·       Bodyweight routine

For people in showbusiness time can be of the essence and finding a gym or workout equipment can be tough task. So Sofia have a backup bodyweight routine she uses when she needs to. The great thing with bodyweight workouts is that it is easy to target your legs and booty. Just start squatting, lunging, jumping and hip thrusting for higher reps without weights.

·       Cardio

To keep her waist small and tight you need to keep a healthy fat percentage and cardio helps you do that without going on a crazy diet. Sofia does her cardio in different ways to keep things interesting. Sometimes she does it on a exercise bike after her weight work. Sometimes she keeps to her roots and uses dancing as cardio, or she go for a jog and sometimes she does it in a slower and consistent tempo. And sometimes she goes harder for a shorter more intense workout.

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Sofia Vergara Diet

Although the actress says she does not keep to a specific diet she tries to be consistent in what she eats during the weekdays and lets herself indulge more in the foods she like on the weekends. Sofia said in an interview that she is very lucky as she likes alot of healthy food such as fish, vegetables and salads.

When she is about to indulge and eat more and what she likes she tries to keep to healthier alternatives as often as possible. Such as sushi and middle eastern foods.

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8 tips from Sofia Vergaras Trainer

1. Its okay to take time off

When Sofia has a easy schedule her trainer has her working out 5 to 7 days per week. And when the schedule is packed Sofia lets herself take some extra time off. Because if you work hard when you can that is completely fine as you come back stronger when you are well rested and fully recovered.

2. You don’t have to run

Even though running is a good cardio option it is not the end all be all it is sometimes made out to be. You can go for alternatives like a exercise bike, walk on the treadmill at a slower pace and set it on a slight incline or do dancing or anything else that gets your heartrate up.

3. Curves are cool

If you have curves naturally don’t go too hard on the cardio so you lose them by burning too much fat, instead focus on being healthy and build some muscle in the right places.

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4. Mix things up

Don’t be afraid to mix things up and try new things! The most important part is to try enjoying your workouts, and while you should not only do new things changing exercises, sets, reps and what type of cardio and routines you do once in a while is a good thing.

5. You can get results from home

Remember we wrote that a backup bodyweight workout is a great tool and if you don’t have time to go to the gym you can invest in resistance bands or a kettlebell when using just the bodyweight gets boring.

6. You dont have to workout every day

The most important part is to keep consistency and never stay away from the gym for too long periods of time but that does not mean you have to workout every day. Take rest to let your body recover fully, in fitness sometimes less is more.

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7. Get your fitness journey going

Don’t want to go to the gym? Don’t have time? Start doing it from home! Begin squatting and doing lunges from home and throw in some crunches at the top and you have started getting fitness into your routine. Start by doing a short session on set days every week and build on that when you can and the results will start coming in no time!

8. In the mood for a cheat meal? Have a cheat meal

Sofias trainer lets his clients have cheat meals. He believes that limiting everything makes you obsess with what you cant have and that is not a healthy way to live. Instead if you really feel like having a pizza, you can but you don’t have to eat the whole thing. Instead eat a slice or two and it will be totally fine!

Now take some inspiration from Sofia Vergara and try some of what she does and include it in your routine to take your health and body to the next level!

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