1 Week Rest Challenge

This is a challenge that may surprise you coming from a fitness website. This challenge is geared towards those of you that really enjoy working out and have trouble taking a break. Have worked out hard every week for months without downloading or taking a week off.

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Why we created this challenge

Sometimes it is easy to get caught up in working towards your goal and you forget to let your body fully recover. A lot of times when people take a week off they come back even bigger, stronger and fitter than before as the body gets much needed rest.

Benefits of doing this challenge

  • Increased strength

When working hard pounding the weights every week for a long period of time your Central Nervous System gets tired and that hinders maximal performance. When you come back well rested you will in most cases be stronger!

  • Gaining Muscle

After a hard period of training followed by a week of rest something happen in the body called supercompensation. It happens due to your body finally being able to recover fully. And as you have worked out every week for a long time your body knows it needs to put on more muscle. As it knows that when you get back to the weights it needs to be able to handle those weight. And the body’s way of doing that is to build more muscle.

  • Reducing the risk of getting sick

Working out is a good thing for your immune system. But even your immune system gets taxed without a break from hard work.

  • Nagging pains might go away

When you get small nagging pains in your joints and muscles it is often time to take a week off to let that part rest for a while to let the inflammation go down.

  • A mental break

Working towards a long term goal can be taxing for your mind as well as your body so getting some rest in will also give your mind some rest.

  • It can be a tough challenge

While this might sound strange to some people, taking a week off can actually be a big challenge. For you this week is more important than for other people as having a healthy balance is off great importance! You have to realize that taking a week off can actually bring you closer to your goals and everything is not about how hard you work.

What is allowed during this challenge?

  • Mobility work

Mobility work doesn’t negatively impact your recovery, in fact it can increase the recovery of your muscles and joints. So short 10 to 20 minute stretching, foam rolling and mobility drill sessions are totally fine to do during the week.

  • Walks

Going outside for a walk is always a good thing for your body and health and does not tax your muscles or nervous system. So walks for about an hour or less is a good thing during this week.

These are of course the fitness related limits for the week and you should still live your normal life with work, relationships and hanging out with your friends as usual!

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Diet during your rest week

Keeping up with your diet is a important part of getting the most out of your rest week. Optimally you eat as usual as your body still needs all the nutrients to fully recover. If you decide to have a few cheat meals that is totally fine as long as you keep your protein intake the same as usual as protein are the building blocks for your muscles. Cheating a little more than usual during this week is a good thing for some people as it gets easier and not as boring when you get back to your normal diet.

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Putting this challenge together

So the concept is pretty easy but not as easy to do for some people. The goal is to stay away from the gym, running and other taxing activities for a week to let your body fully recover. If you still like to be active you can go for walks and do mobility work to increase recovery at the same time. But don’t go crazy on this, keep it light, you should never be tired after, then you have done too much.

So try this challenge if you feel tired, have trouble busting through a plateau or just haven’t taken time off in for a while and take your health and fitness to the next level! 

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