Jennifer Lawrence Workout and Diet

She is a famous actress most known for her roles as Katniss Everdeen in The Hunger Games, a member of the X-men named Mystique and playing a Russian agent in Red Sparrow, we are of course writing about Jennifer Lawrence. Being a badass on screen takes a lot of work and in this article we will go through what Jennifer Lawrence does to stay an awesome badass. Here’s Jennifer Lawrence workout and diet routine!

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Jennifer Lawrence Workout

Jennifer has stated the she doesnt like to workout, but she prefers it to limiting her diet. As she is quite loose with her diet but still wants to look a certain way she keeps a regular schedule she does when not preparing for a specific role, when preparing for a movie with alot of stunts or when she needs to look more athletic she hires a trainer and works out specifically for that movie.

Normal Schedule

·        Cardio

To be able to eat what she wants, when she wants(within reason) Jennifer has found that cardio is the answer to burn off the calories she eats. The actress does cardio multiple times per week and focuses on doing short intense sessions. What she does varies quite a bit and can be swimming, running or using a exercise bike. The sessions usually last for about 20 minutes with maximum effort.

·        Yoga

Lawrence does yoga a few times per week to stay limber and to build core strength. She uses yoga during her more intense preparations for movies too, but often lighter and easier sessions on rest days to stay flexible and aid in recovery.   

·        Classes

As for most people motivation can sometimes be hard for Jennifer so to get motivated she sometimes go to a group class, may it be spinning, dacing, yoga or pilates.

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Preparing for a movie

When preparing for a movie the actress schedule changes towards the specific part she is about to play. Some of the things she has done to prepare are listed below.

·        Ballet

When preparing to become a russian spy she did a impressive amount of ballet to look perfect for a specific scene in the movie. She worked with a professional ballet trainer that had her train 3 hours per day, six days a week for 3 months.

·        Archery

To become Katniss Everdeen she had to do a lot of archery training to look professional on screen.

·        Rock Climbing

For Hunger Games Jennifer utilized rock climbing both to look good on screen and to shape her body. As rock climbing is very physical she was able to kill two birds with one stone here.

·        Weight training

For roles where she needs to look more athletic her trainers put her on a weight training schedule to put on muscle. Often they go for circuit training and using the usual compound exercises like squats, deadlifts and rowing exercises.

·        Bodyweight training

For the traveling actress with alot of thing to do and places to go bodyweight training is perfect so you can fit in a workout wherever you are and whenever you have time. Jennifer has no official set schedule for her bodyweight workouts but most likely incorporates squatting movements, jumping, lunges, pushups and core work.  

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Jennifer Lawrence Diet

Compared to the other celebrities we have written about Jennifer has a very loose food schedule and seems to be eating mostly whatever she wants, when she wants it and cancels it out by putting in some extra cardio if she has been eating more calories than usual.

Favorite meals

  • Fries and steak
  • Pizza
  • Wine

When preparing for a movie she still seems to enjoy herself but to a smaller extent. For the movie Red Sparrow she said was her first time to really diet to get the look of a russian ballerina and she hated it and is adamant that she has a hard time working without having food around due to energy levels dropping.

On set when she needs to be healthy and energized she tries to have healthy snacks around and her trailer is always filled with green yoghurt, vegetables, hummus and chocolate.

Jennifer Lawrence approach to fitness and looking good is very doable, enjoyable and not very time consuming. Try some of the things in Jennifer Lawrence workout and diet to get your dream body!

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