Build The Power Look With Three Lifts You Never Heard Of

Lately we have written quite a few articles for people who want to tone their bodies, become healthier or just look good in a bikini, in this this article we have created a routine built for the booty builder wanting to build the power look. The power look means you will look as strong as you are and this program will put size on your whole body but put extra size on your traps, shoulders and backside.   

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Who is this program for

  • Power look

This is for people who want to look as strong as they will become on this program and want to put on a lot of size.

  • Performance

The fastest way to a powerful look is to become powerful so this program is great for booty builders who want to become stronger and more explosive. It is a great program to build strength if you are wrestling or grapple in martial arts.

  • Trying something new

People who want to try something new, get a break from their old routine or just put on some strength.

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Exercises – Power Look

In this program we have chosen three amazingly good exercises most people have never heard of, all three are big compound lifts so each move is a lot of bang for the the reps done.

1. Snatch Grip High Pull from the hang

The Snatch Grip High Pull will give you almost all the benefits of a snatch but without months of technique training before seeing results. This means that it is a very explosive lift focusing on creating maximum power every rep. This exercise targets the whole backside of your body and your shoulders.

How to perform Snatch Grip High Pulls:

Grab a barbell with a very wide overhand grip, go as wide as you can while still getting a stable grip with your hands. Stand up with the bar hanging down with your arms as relaxed as possible. Keep your back straight or slightly arched and shoulder blades together to create a stable upper body, start going down to the starting position by hinging your booty out and lowering the bar so it rests just above your knees.

From this position it is time to start the lift, perform the lift by exploding upwards by extending your legs (jumping upwards) and shrugging your traps as hard and fast as possible creating so much force the bar moves up to the top of the lift. The top of the lift is when the bar is at or just below shoulder height. Remember to keep your arms relaxed during the whole lift and imagine your hands being hooks on a string just keeping the bar attached to the rest of your body which is what moves the bar. From the top just let that bar fall back down to the starting position, if you feel it is hard to hold on use your thighs to help catch the bar at the bottom.

Tip: If you don’t like to catch the bar when it falls down you can perform your High Pulls from blocks instead, perform the lift in the exact same way but instead of the bar hanging you start and stop from blocks at knee height.  

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2. Zercher Squats

No workout program is complete without a squatting movement, but this version takes the squat and makes it even more of a full body movement. Zercher refers to where you position the bar during the lift, and when we move it to the zercher position you will feel that your upper back and your abs will get involved way more in this awesome exercise.

How to perform Zercher Squats:

Adjust a squat rack so the bar is at about elbow height. To get in the starting position place the bar on your arms where they bend and de rack it. Use a squat pad, a towel or where a long sleeve shirt so you don’t get discomfort from the bar. Take a normal squat stance with feet at around shoulder width, keep your back straight or slightly arched and brace your abs, you are now in the starting position.

Perform the lift by squatting down just like a normal squat, go as deep as you feel comfortable width before standing back up, squeezing your booty at the top.

Tip: Go a little slower than you would a normal squat both on the way up and down and focus on keeping perfect form.

3. One arm Landmine Press

The first two lifts will out slabs of muscle on your core, legs and back so now we just have to finish the routine off with some work for your pressing muscles and the landmine press does just that. Your pressing muscles are your chest, shoulders and triceps.

How to perform the one arm landmine press:

Start by placing a barbell so one end is secured in a corner of the gym, by using weight plates or a anchoring device specifically made for this. Load up the other end with your desired weight and lift it up so you stand with the loaded end in your hand in a pressing position. Keep your feet in a split stance with the left foot forward when you are pressing with your right hand and the other way around for the other hand.

Keep an angles so you press the weight at about 45 degrees, press the bar until your arm is straight without creating momentum with the rest of your body and lower it back down in a slow and controlled motion.

Tip: the slower you go the more your core will be activated to keep your body from rotating, and the faster you press the more explosive your power will be. Choose which you prefer.   

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How to program it

As we want to both look strong and be strong we need to find a middle ground between building muscle and strength for the sets and reps. We recommend to shoot for 5 sets of 5 reps of the same weight. When you get all 5 reps on all 5 sets increase the weight the next session. The first workout start at a low weight, preferably with just the bar and increase 5 pounds every workout you get all reps.

Perform the workout two to three times per week on non consecutive days. While just three exercises doesnt sound like much this program get tough quickly as you focus on putting more weight on the bar so if you can do two or three session per week vary from person to person in how fast you recover, so you just have to try and see what works best for you here.

When you stall out

If and when you start to stall and it gets hard to increase the weight, take away 10 lbs from you lifts and continue as usual and you will bust through the plateau. When you have done this twice or if it doesn’t work, continue doing the same routine but every other session you do 3 sets of 3 reps instead in the same manner when it comes to increasing the weight while keeping the other workout at the same 5×5.

So what are you waiting for, take charge of your body, build muscle, strength and get the power look with this awesome routine! 

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