Booty Building with Feeder Workouts

feeder workout

Feeder workouts are an old bodybuilding concept made famous by the late bodybuilder Rich Piana. The thought behind it is to pump a specific muscle group you want to grow full with blood everyday. Because then you’ll stretch the muscle fascia and shuttle nutrients into the muscle. Hence increasing recovery and growth from your normal workout sessions. Recent studies show that when a muscle is under tension for more than 45 seconds, the body releases hormones in that muscle. Which is good for building muscle. With this said it’s not a substitute to your normal training as it’s not designed to replace a full workout. Instead view it as a way to supercharge the growth of a specific muscle.

 How to do it

The time you choose to do the feeder workout is of great importance. You want to do it when your bloodstream is full of nutrients. So a perfect time would be to do it 40 to 60 min after a big meal or 20 min after taking a shake of a bcaa supplement. You also don’t want to do it the same day as you work the muscle your about to give some extra growth. But otherwise you can do it every day.

Remember that this is an advanced technique so you can only do it with one muscle group at a time. There is no set time on how long you can do this so continue until you are satisfied or want to focus extra on another muscle group. The feeder workout should be short and contain two exercises. They should be done for about 50 reps or a static contraction for a minute or more.

feeder workouts

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You can do this for every muscle group but here we focus on a example for building that booty with feeder workouts

Repeat the exercises 2 times and do not use weights or bands for this. Because it is just to get as great of a pump in your booty as possible.

Donkey kicks 50 reps/leg

Glute bridge 1 minute squeezing your booty as hard as possible

And that’s it, don’t do more than pumping it up. If you like to try other exercises that will probably work too. But keep in mind that they should be isolation exercises targeting the specific muscle that you want to supercharge growth for. And not other parts of the body as recovery then would become an issue.   

Try this every day to take your booty building to the next level.

feeder workouts

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Other examples for different muscle groups:

Legs: just do 2 sets of a 100 air squats to get a good leg pump

Shoulders: Two rounds of front raises 50 reps and lateral raises 50 reps use the lightest dumbbells you can find

Arms: Two rounds of dumbell curls for 50 reps and dumbbell skullcrushers for 50 reps. Use the lightest dumbbells you can find. 

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