Alicia Vikander Celebrity Workout

Alicia Vikander workout

Alicia Vikander, the Swedish nativenow also known as Lara Croft in the latest Tomb Raider movie, got in great shape to play the role. Alicia also did some of her own stunts to make the movie look real which can be seen in how she prepared during training. In this article we go through Alicia Vikander ‘s workout and diet to become a total badass on screen.

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Alicia Vikander Workout


One of the stunts she did herself was to swim in very cold water. The swimming was used to build muscle, burn fat and at the same time prepare for her stunt. She put the biggest emphasis on swimming with good technique as she wanted to look like the professional adventurer Lara Croft is.

Rock Climbing

As Lara Croft is a total badass adventurer rock climbing was an essential part of the training. Both to build muscle as rock climbing is extremely demanding on the body. The climbing training even started before there was a script ready as they knew that this is something that plays a big part in the video games, and they wanted to stay true to that. The great thing about climbing is that where ever in the world Alicia was, they could just find a place and start climbing.

Alicia Vikander workout

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Weight lifting

Alicia put on 12 lbs of muscle during her preparation for the movie and that does not happen unless you lift weights. She did a lot of heavy compound movements like squats, deadlifts, chins and shoulder presses combines with isolation moves. A pretty normal body building program split over four days.

Day 1


Day 2

Chest and Shoulders

Day 3

Back and Shoulders

Day 4


Then repeat the cycle over and over. Rest was taken when needed and abs was added almost every session.

Alicia Vikander workout

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Martial Arts

In the movie there are alot of fight scenes and to make it look as amazing as it does Alicia had to do combat training. Alicia trained both at throwing punches and taking them. The rounds done of each lasted for at least a minute each. This was also combined with bodyweight exercises.

As the training was very intense, recovery was of equal importance. The diet consists of a lot of lean protein, slow carbs and fats. Excluding as much sugar as possible from the diet.

Alicia Vikander’s Diet

An example of what she ate during a day:

Breakfast: 4 poached eggs

Snack: High in protein like a protein bar or shake.

Lunch: Fish, chicken or lean meats combined with a slow carb source like quinoa or veggies.

Snack: protein supplement, nuts or chicken skewers.

Dinner: The same as lunch    

This is what Alicia went through to become a total badass in both the gym, on screen and in real life. This might be a bit too much for a person that doesnt have the possibility to only train for a long time but anyone can try elements of her training. So try some of Alicia Vikander ‘s workout routine and incorporate what you like in your routine to take your body to the next level. 

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