Jennifer Lopez Workout Plan

Jennifer Lopez workout

”Don`t be fooled by the rocks that I got, I’m still Jenny from the block” 

J.Lo has been a fitness icon for the last 20 years and at the age of 50 she has the body of a 25 year old. She has found workouts that work in short very intense sessions of 30-45 min. Combining a lot of different workout techniques. She works out in the mornings to fit it in her busy schedule. Read below what Jennifer Lopez does in the gym and how her workout looks like.

jennifer lopez workout

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 Lifting weights

Jennifer uses basic compound movements as the squat and deadlift to build those famous curves. Her Los Angeles based trainer Tracy Anderson says J.Lo is not afraid to lift heavy weights. And that she often comes in to the gym with her baseball legend boyfriend Alex Rodriguez and hits the weights. She also likes to combine light upper body movements with a lower body movement. Like lunges to build the legs and booty and dumbell curls for the arms.

She also uses bodyweight exercises and pilates workouts. Her New York trainer David Kirsch often has her doing the Platypus Walk. Which he states is the quickest and no bs way to build the body part J.Lo is most famous for, the booty. With the pilates ball she does crunches, different variations of the planks, pilates ball pikes and scissors to work the core muscles. J.Lo does this every morning and when she travels she brings a pilates ball so she always has the ability to do it.

Jennifer does not stop here. She likes to do different things and also incorporate circuit training, kickboxing, dancing and running intervals to burn fat. In US weekly J.Lo said that the reason she has two trainers is that they have different approaches And that always gives her the opportunity to mix it up and do new stuff.

jennifer lopez workout

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”Big, big booty, what you got a big booty”

Jenny from the block does not only workout to look good. She have in numerous interviews talked about that it’s a lifestyle for her. And that she thinks that it is a big reason to why she feels so happy with her life. She states that it energizes her both physically and mentally and gets her ready for the day. After workouts J.Lo takes time to recover, she puts a emphasis on rehydration and eating healthy all the time to be ready for the next workout. She does not follow a specific diet. Just makes sure to get the right amount of all nutrients from clean foods to maximize recovery.  

Get inspired by Jennifer Lopez workout and take your booty building to the next level!

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