28 Day Squat Challenge

28 day squat challenge

This squat challenge is perfect if you are new to fitness and not afraid to work hard and be a little sore. It can also be a great routine if you are coming back from a long layoff getting back into working out. It is going to be a tough month but it is called a challenge for a reason. So use this squat challenge to get going with a bang!

This challenge will have you do squats every day except for 3 days for a whole month to completely change your lower body by building muscle in the legs and booty. And also depending on diet burn fat. You will perform more squats per workout for every week that passes to progressively overload your body so you get stronger and increase your endurance.

squat challenge

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Week 1

Perform 50 air squats every day

Rest on day 7

Week 2

Perform 100 air squats every day

Rest on day 7

Week 3

Perform 150 air squats every day

Rest on day 7

Week 4

Perform 200 air squats every day

This is the last week and you won’t get any rest until the month is over.

After the challenge take at least 3 days off from training and then start another program that is not only squats. If you can’t perform all reps in a row it is completely fine. Do as many as you can then rest if needed and continue like this until you are finished no matter how long it takes.

How to do the Air Squat

*Stand with your feet about shoulder width, or a little wider if you want more focus on the booty, and keep your knees pointing a bit outwards.

* Put your hands in front of you and start the lowering part of the lift bending at the knees. Go as low as you can as long as the knees don’t fall in towards each other.

*Stand back up and at the top of the motion and squeeze your booty for a second.

*That is one rep, repeat it for the prescribed number of reps.

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This month will be hard so you do need to eat for the results you want. If you want to lose weight during this challenge focus on eating a lot of green veggies and fruit and a little less carbohydrates by eating less pasta, rice and potatoes. Also cutting out sugar as much as possible will do wonders for weight loss!

If you don’t mind gaining a little weight, do the exact opposite and eat more carbohydrates and a bit less greens. Even though you should always have veggies in your diet to get all vitamins, fibers and minerals they provide. Eating a bit more will maximize muscle growth during this month.  

Whichever way you want to proceed keep protein intake high so you get maximum recovery as you will do squats six days a week. 

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