Farmers Walks

Farmers walks

Do you want to work your whole body and build an amazing midsection with one exercise? Look no further and read this article about variations of farmers walks and how to program them.

Farmers walks is one of the most bang for the buck exercises you can do as it works the whole body. It is also one of the most natural training movements you can do as it is basically picking up a weight and walking with it. So when you hear the term ”functional fitness” this is the first exercise you should think about. Below we have listed 5 variations of farmers walks.

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1. Farmers walk

Start by picking up a dumbbell or kettlebell in each hand and stand tall. Keep your shoulder blades back to find a perfect posture. Flex your core and keep it tight at all times. Start walking for a distance you choose, increase the weight next session when you manage to get your set distance.

2. One arm farmers walk

Do like the exercises written above but grab a weight in just one arm and have the other arm free. Keep both hands by the side and start walking with your core tight. Keep in mind that you have to have a little less weight here. Keep a weight that you can walk with and still keep your upper body straight, otherwise lower it. Also remember that you have to do the same distance with a weight in both hands, so if one side is weaker start with that side.

3. Overhead farmers walk

Press two dumbbells up over your head to the top of a shoulder press. Keep them there and start walking. This is great for extra stimulation on the whole upper body and great if you have trouble staying stable when doing heavy standing shoulder presses.

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4. One hand overhead farmers walk

Also known as waiters walk. It is as it sound, do as the above exercise but only with a weight in one hand. Focus on keeping stable and start walking. Remember to do both sides and always start with the weak side if you have one.

5. Zercher carries

This one is the hardest version as it is the toughest for your core and great for targeting the back a extra hard during the walk. This one is done with a barbell or a yoke. Start in a rack with a barbell with as much weight as you like. Place the bar in the crook of your elbows and stand tall with the weight in front of you. Focus on keeping the back straight with good posture, do not lean back to keep the weight up. Tense your abs and start walking.

When doing the walks you can walk for as long as you like in a normal walking pace, but a distance that makes the walk 40 to 60 seconds is ideal to build muscle and strength. If you want to use it for fat loss purposes, go for longer distances with lighter weights. As usual do the lifts with lighter weights the first times you do them to get proper form down. You can mix between the different variations or only do the one you like best every time, it is up to you. Do them at most three times per week on non consecutive days. Do them at the end of your sessions at three sets at the most. If you can do more than three sets of 40 to 60 seconds the weight is too low and you have not gone hard enough.     

Farmers Walks if done right truly is one of the hardest exercises there is, but that will also make you a badass for doing them. So try these variations and take you whole body to the next level!

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