How to get a Bigger Buttocks in a Week

How to get bigger buttocks in a week

When looking for a article like this it is usually in panic, looking to get ready for a party, date or fotoshoot. Panic no more because in this article we will lay out a plan on how you can make your buttocks look bigger in just a week. This plan will not be a long term plan. Instead it is something to use to get that extra booty for special occasions. On this plan you will not build a noticeable amount of muscle. But instead you will maximize the look of the booty you already have. So let’s get in to it!


The workouts during this week will not be heavy to build muscle. They will be pump workouts where the goal will be to pump your buttocks to the max every day with very high reps. The thing here is to go for a pump and not tear the muscle down to make it grow. Reps will be 25 to 50 reps/set.  Choose the three bodyweight exercises where you feel your buttocks work the most. The more it isolates the butt and not work anything else the better! If you have no experience working your booty don’t worry and read the exercises listed below. Do them in a circuit for 25 reps if you are a beginner and 50 reps if you are experienced. Do the workout every day, preferable at the same time except on the day you need your buttocks to look the best. Then do it as close to the event you are attending as possible. Here is all the exercises you need to get bigger buttocks this week.

  1. Donkey kicks 25/50 reps for both sides
  2. Fire hydrants 25/50 reps for both sides
  3. Bodyweight hip thrusts 25/50 reps    
  4. Repeat for a total of 2 rounds and you are done with the workout. Keep minimal rest in between sets, if possible it is preferable to do them back to back if you can. If you need more than 20 seconds of rest between sets, lower the reps a little. Because less rest equals a bigger pump! A bigger pump equals bigger buttocks this week.

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How to do the exercises

1. Donkey kicks

Stand on all fours on the floor and take one leg and lift the sole of your foot up towards the ceiling. Try to lift it up as high as you can and really squeeze the glute at the top. If you can’t do the same amount of reps with both legs you should always start with your weak side.

2. Fire hydrants

Start in the same position as donkey kicks with you on all four on the floor. Start by lifting one leg up to the side as high as you can without your upper body starting to move. Keep the knee bent during the whole lift. Keep your back straight at all times to increase the workload of the buttocks.  

3. Body weight hip thrusts

Put your upper back against a sofa, bench or a low table so the edge is just under your rear delts. Keep a stance with your feet that is a little bit wider than shoulder width. Put your feet so far out from your body that when you are in the top position of the motion your shins are completely vertical to the floor. Start the lift by hinging your hips up until your upper body is parallel to the floor. At this position you should squeeze your booty as hard as you can. Focus on really squeezing your buttocks during this routine!


A very effective way to make your buttocks look bigger is to make your waist smaller. Vacuums are an old fast acting bodybuilding tactic to make your waist smaller. The exercise stimulate the abs so they will become tighter and stronger. The exercise will also help you with your posture.

Performing the exercise

  1. Stand upright in good posture with feet about shoulder width apart with hands hanging by your sides.
  2. Do this exercise breathing in through your nose and exhaling through your mouth, start by inhaling slow for about 3 seconds.
  3. Start exhaling slow and try pulling your belly button in towards the center of your body using your abs.
  4. When you are completely empty of air and your waist is as small as you can, try holding that position for as long as you can while taking small breaths without the waist moving.
  5. Breathe in slow when you can’t hold the pose any more and release the abs bringing the midsection back to your normal position.
  6. Rest for about 20 seconds and go again.
  7. Repeat for 3 times the first day and then increase on 1 rep every other day until you reach 5. Then just do 5 for the rest of the days.

Vacuums might seem easy but they are harder than they sound. They can be used all year round if you like the effects it gives you.        

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Diet for bigger buttocks in a week

When it comes to the diet it depends a little on what you want to achieve but do not try this while losing fat, your body will need the carbs as they are the fuel to your pumps. Also in one week you don’t have enough time to lose any large amount of fat and you will most likely be better off pumping the booty and doin the vacuums instead. So eat at least at maintenance calories. If you don’t mind adding a tiny bit of fat, eat more carbohydrates so the buttocks is always fully loaded.

When you train the body starts to store carbs in the muscles and the carbohydrates bind water so this is a great way to make your booty look bigger. So remember to drink a couple of extra glasses of water per day. If you have trouble with eating a lot of carbs center them with one meal about 1 and a half hour before the workout and one meal as soon as possible after. The first meal will fuel the workout and the second meal will give your buttocks nutrients when it takes the most up, that is right after a workout when your muscles are the most insulin sensitive.

Supplements for bigger buttocks in a week

You don’t have to use supplements doing this but for a routine this short the difference in results will be quite big. Here we will recommend three supplements that will enhance the other stuff you do to make your buttocks look bigger.

1. Pump supplement

This is a product designed to make the pumps bigger by increasing the nitric oxide production in the body during exercise. Some will also have other herbs in them to increase strength and endurance which can help quite a lot doing these high rep workouts.

Getting just L-arginine is a good option a great option is to find a product that also contains citrulline malate and beta alanine. Remember that most of these pre workout product contain a lot of caffeine, so if you do your workout in the evenings go for one without the caffeine.  


This supplement has a lot of health benefits but for this article we focus on what we need it for which is increasing the pump of the buttocks. It accomplishes this through converting to nitric oxide in the body which increases the blood flow by relaxing the blood vessels in the body so more blood can come through.

Citrulline Malate

This is a amino acid bound to a salt molecule. In short it helps combat fatigue and also increases nitric oxide. It works synergistically with L-arginine.

Beta alanin

It is a non essential amino acid that occurs naturally in the body, but adding more might help you push longer and through fatigue which is great for what we are after, high reps remember?    

2. Creatine monohydrate

Creatine is the world’s most researched supplement and the performance benefits are well documented. This is not why this product is recommended during this week. Creatine also helps binding up water in the muscles, which means creatine helps your buttocks to hold more water in the muscles and make it look bigger. Creatine comes in many forms with alot of varying prices, buy the cheap Creatine monohydrate as it works best for what we want it to do. Usually a loading face is recommended, follow these instructions and drink the extra water mentioned above and see results.  

3. GDA

This is a supplement category that is not so widely used, but it is great for this one week program! GDA stands for glucose disposal agent. There are two types of GDAs, some tries to get rid of carbs so they go through the system so you basically can eat more while not gaining weight. You want the other version which aims to help the body load the carbs in to the muscles. If you chose the diet routine to increase your carb intake this is the supplement for you! Choose the product that helps shuttling carbs into the muscles and used as described on the bottle with your extra carb meals. Also use this product together with a lot of carbs in your post workout meal on the day of your event. This will keep your pump going the whole day.  

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Putting it all together

So now it’s time to put it all together and get bigger buttocks in a week!

*Do your workout on the same time every day except the day you want to look your best, then do it right before the event.

*Do your vacuums separate from your workouts, so if you do your workouts in the evening do vacuums in the morning. Except on the final day, then do them with your workout.

*Eat more carbs or center them around your workout. Always eat one carb meal before, a hour and a half is perfect and one directly after.

*If you decide to use supplements use a pump product before training as labeled on the bottle, if you use creatine it does not matter when you dose it, a gda supplement is used with your biggest carb meals.

*Dress for success! Use clothes that fit right for your type of buttocks!

Follow these steps listed above to get bigger buttocks in just a week. So put in the work and reap the benefits of looking amazing when doing whatever it is you have planned! 

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