Iggy Azalea Workout

Iggy Azalea workout

She is one of the hottest female stars in music, has a crazy booty that she likes to flaunt in every music video and comes from Australia, it is Iggy Azalea. In this article we look at what one of the world’s most popular rap/pop star does to have a envied body. We’ll go through everything from her diet to the Iggy Azalea workout. Everything is listed down below.

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Iggy has committed to serious workout routine where she does some kind of workout every day. Half the times it is in the gym and the other half is done from home. She has stated in interviews that the bulk of her training is lunges, squats, deadlifts and hip thrusts at the gym. And a lot of air squats, lunges and glute bridges from home. She tries to get squats and lunges in every day to build a thick booty.

The thing that makes Iggy’s body special is that she has a very big bum but still a small waist with a flat stomach. Iggy says that her flat stomach comes from running and doing lots of daily crunches and situps. That’s the Iggy Azalea workout, but she also does a lot of different things outside the gym to help her get that envied body.


Iggy loves to play sports and uses it as part of her cardio. She loves to try new things but her favorite is tennis. And she loves to invite her friends over for matches. She is very competitive! The singer recommends to play sports where you have to move fast for short sprints for the best results!

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Iggy Azalea workout


In the week before shooting the video for her song ”Mo bounce” Azalea claims that she lost 15 pounds of fat from twerking multiple hours per day. She told reporters that she didn’t have a clue when she started about how hard it is. Her twerking trainer told Iggy that she should do yoga to get more flexible to be become an expert twerker. She also told reporters that twerking is way more than shaking the booty as you need total muscle control of you gluteus muscles and that is what burns all the fat. As you know the glutes are the biggest muscles in the body.


Iggy loves challenges and likes to both get challenges from her friends and challenge them back. For example she said in an interview that she had gotten the 30 day squat challenge from a friend. The challenge is doing squats at home every day for 30 days. Increasing the amount of squats you do every day. She said she loved doing it and that challenges are a common practice in her life.

Iggy Azalea workout

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Even though she takes cheat days one in a while so she keeps inspired to continue to work hard, she keeps to a strict diet the rest of the time . She focuses on eating a lot of green veggies and have tossed out all processed food from her diet. In the mornings she likes to start the day with a smoothie containing kale, goji berries, almond nuts and fruit. This to get a lot of healthy nutrients the first thing in the morning.

Regular measurements

Iggy does not put a lot of focus on the weight on the scale. Instead she measures her waist circumference and booty. She recommends to do measurements every week to see that what you do is working, otherwise something needs to change. She also noted that you can be temporarily bloated so that you have to look at the measurements from longer back and not just the week before.

There you have what Iggy Azalea do to get her dream body, try incorporating some of her tricks in your routine and take your booty to the next level!

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