Sasha Luss Celebrity Workout

Sasha Luss workout

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She is Russian, blonde, tall and totally awesome. Sasha Luss has had a very successful modeling career and have now turned actress and had her big break in the action packed movie Anna were she plays a badass Russian KGB assassin. Sasha has very petite but fit model physique and below we have listed how she keeps it awesome all year round.


Saha focuses on bodyweight training as she does not want to bulk up as she is a model. She just wants to keep slim while still having some shape and keep a strong beautiful core.

So one of the things she does is yogilates and she follows a video series from a russian instructor.

Yogilates is a fitness method that uses elements from both pilates and hatha yoga and is said to combine the benefits of both training methods. The thought is that using asana practice will improve your flexibility, breathing capacity and junction. And it is not just physical as the mental aspect is very present in practicing the balance, control of your body and focus. The pilates part is there to increase functionality of the body by evening out the training over all muscle groups.

Sasha has mentioned in an interview with Los Angeles Times that she does normal pilates classes quite a lot because she says it gives you a great healthy look without bulking you up. She said she does yogilates or pilates three to six times per week depending how her schedule looks for the week.

When she was preparing for the role as Anna she also had to do a lot of self defence and combat training and in the months leading up to filming she did 6 hours a day of combat training so she would look awesome on screen.

The training included krav maga which is a martial art used by the Israeli army. It is the best parts from boxing, aikido, judo, wrestling and karate for self defence. She also did a lot of kickboxing to look like a real assassin throwing both kicks and punches.  

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Sasha Luss Diet

As stunning as Sasha look we have to remember that she has a model physique and are not looking to build muscle, she is looking to maintain weight and look healthy.

Luss keeps to pretty standard model diet with a lot of green veggies and low in carbs. She told Vogue in a interview that she drinks a lot of green smoothies with alot of ginger and lemon in it, her favorite comes from a cart outside her apartment on wall street.

Other than that she is not afraid to treat herself to cheat meals once in awhile just to keep her motivated and happy.

So if you want to have the model look or become an assassin try some of the things Sasha Luss does! If your goal is to put on muscle read one of our other articles that focus on that! Either way try something new and push yourself to the next level!

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