Booty Building – The Anatomy of the Booty and How to Work it

The anatomy of the booty and how to work it

The booty is built up of three different muscles, the Gluteus Maximus which is the muscle we see as the booty when we look at it. It’s the biggest and strongest muscle in the booty and actually the biggest muscle in the whole body. The Gluteus Medius and Minimus is located under the Maximus and are smaller. But all are equally important to train to build a complete booty. This is the anatomy of the booty and how you should work it.

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Gluteus Maximus

The function of the Gluteus Maximus is to move your hip backwards and to raise and laterally rotate your thigh. When you put a hand on your butt this is the muscle you feel, so it’s easy to locate.

Gluteus Medius

The function of the Gluteus Medius is raise your thigh and to medially and laterally move to hip.

The find this muscle stand with your hands by your sides and put them on the outside of your hips below your iliac crest. Put your balance on one leg and adduct the other leg. You should start to feel the muscle contract on side you are adducting.

Gluteus Minimus

The function of the Gluteus Minimus is also to raise the thigh and to medially rotate your thigh. This one you can’t find as it is located under the maximus. But training this muscle will bring out the top of your booty to make it complete.  

So what does this mean for all your booty builders out there? This means that if you want the perfect booty you have to train all the different parts by doing exercises that train in the different movements of the muscles.

anatomy of the booty

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How to train them

To train the Gluteus Maximus the most basic exercises where you can lift the most weight are the best and is the squats, deadlifts and hip thrusts. Good supplemental exercises to these are Stiff leg deadlifts, lunges, donkey kicks and one legged versions on the other lifts.

To train the Gluteus Medius there are six great exercises using just you bodyweight and a booty band: Side-lying hip abduction, Clamshell, Isometric single leg wall lean, monster walks and lateral band walks.

To train the Gluteus Minimus we have found five great exercises: Resisted hip abduction-extension, side lying hip abduction, single leg bridge on the floor, resistance band side steps with internally rotated toes, seated hip abduction machine.

So now you are probably a bit confused and thinking that you need to do all exercises or you won’t get the results you want? Well that could not be further from the truth. All booty exercises trains the whole booty, it just trains them at a different level.

For beginner we recommend to focus on the squats, deadlifts and hip thrusts and get good form and strong in these first as they build the booty the best and fastest. The other exercises are the cherry on top used to perfect the booty when you start to stall out with the big three.

For beginners a great booty routine would be to train it two times a week, preferably with two to three days rest in between. It would look something like this:

Workout 1

Squats: 4×6

Deadlifts: 4×6

Hip thrusts: 4×8

Lateral band walks: 3 times for as long as you can

Workout 2

Squats: 4×8

Stiff leg deadlifts: 4×8

Hip trusts: 4×8

Seated hip abduction machine: 3×20

anatomy of the booty

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For the more experienced booty builder who has already progressed in the big three and have put a bit of muscle on that booty you can now start to experiment a bit with more sets and reps and choose exercises that target a specific part more. But the big three should always be done early in the workouts. Example:

Workout 1

Squats: 5×10

Stiff leg deadlifts: 5×10

Hip thrust: 5×10

Choose 2 to 3 exercises to target the part you want for 3 to 5 sets each.

Workout 2

Deadlifts: 5×10

Hip thrusts: 5×10

Lunges: 5×10

Choose 3 to 5 exercises to target a specific area and do 3 to 5 sets each.

Remember that you don’t need to follow this perfectly and that these rep ranges are just examples, but if keep the guidelines and you will see great results. The most important part is to train at your experience level and focus on the big lifts first, jumping to the more advanced routine will only slow you down as that is a new weapon you can use when you don’t feel the same gains from the big lifts any more.

So hit the gym try this out and build your booty to the next level.

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